1905 – Original home was built for a single family.

1955 – Home purchased by the Presbyterian Women of the Synod of Georgia for use by groups attending conferences.

Over the years, ownership was transferred from the Synod of Georgia to the Synod of the Southeast to the Synod of the South Atlantic and finally to a board of directors representing the five Presbyteries in Georgia. 

​1995 - Wayne Drummond was hired to serve as summer host. Finances and board management were handled through the synod office, and any major financial improvements were handled through the synod budget.

1999 - Wayne Drummond was hired as the year round manager.

2016 - Georgia Lodge became a non-profit 501c3, with representatives from GA Presbyteries serving on the Board of Directors, but operating independently.

2019 - Thanks to a generous donation from FPC of Marietta GA, the kitchen received a major renovation.  

2022 - On September 6, 2022 Wayne (and Angela) Drummond retired from managing the Georgia Lodge. The Board is incredibly grateful for their years of faithful service and excited to begin a new chapter...