2022 Rates

SUMMER RATES: (June 1 - August 14) 

 Whole House - $3890.00 / 6  nights

 Individual rooms are available in the summer.  Reservations may be made for individual rooms beginning on March 1st.  

       Rates:  Second Floor - $75 per room per night -
                  All rooms on the second floor have shared baths between 2 rooms
                   Main Floor and Basement -Room 1, 10, and 8/9: $92 per room per                          night (rooms 8/9 treated as 1 room for reservations and pricing)

OFF-SEASON RATES: (August 15 - May 31)

Whole House -    $800/first night
                            $565/second night
                            $333/each additional night


Please contact us for rates and availability for individual rooms in the off season.

PLEASE NOTE: A deposit of one-half the expected cost is required at the time a reservation is made.  The deposit is non-refundable unless the rooms are able to be rented to another group.  100% of the expected cost is required of groups renting the entire house in the summer.


For groups with children and youth, we require one adult (over age 25) to be staying in the house for every six children and youth.


All rates are subject to NC sales tax.  The current rate is 7%


A security deposit may be required of groups using the kitchen or of groups using the house for the first time.